Privacy of respondents

Summarised below is the way we approach the privacy of our participants at DUO Onderwijsonderzoek & Advies (e.g. for employee surveys, parent surveys, etc.).

We want to emphasise that we will ensure complete anonymity when handling your details. This means you can complete the questionnaire without any concern about your privacy:

  • DUO Onderwijsonderzoek & Advies is a member of the Data & Insights Network (D&IN) and we comply with the (strict) (D&IN) Code of Ethics concerning the protection of privacy which has been approved by the Dutch Data Protection Authority (DPA).
  • We ensure that your personal details and the answers you have given will not be disclosed to any other people. The completed questionnaires are stored on our server, which means that there is no risk that others, e.g. your employer or the organisation of which you are a customer, have access to the information you have provided.
  • The answers given by all employees are combined by DUO Onderwijsonderzoek & Advies to form one large data file, which then forms the basis for our report. In the report we produce we only investigate large groups, e.g. all employees aged 25 – 34 years or all parents with a child in the fifth grade. In the event that there are fewer than 5 people who have completed the questionnaire in a certain group, then this group is not reported separately. We also ensure that your individual details are not combined, making it impossible for you to be recognised as an individual.